Payment Method


Liam A. Brady takes pride in providing a value for money service and being honest and clear as to what can be expected.

To have a consultation with Liam a once off fee of €170 incl VAT will be charged. If you decide you would like Liam to investigate your case this fee will be deducted from your overall charge. 

Once we have discussed your case we will clearly outline what we may be able to achieve for you.

We will be honest and realistic as to the measures we will undertake, the likelihood of success and the likely timescale involved. We will be very clear about what we are committing to do and what we expect of you.


At all times we commit to providing an honest service and genuine value to our clients.

Our services will be invoiced per schedule on a weekly or monthly in arrears basis. Payment is due within 15 days of invoicing. All fees will be quoted inclusive of VAT at the applicable rate. Expenses are invoiced to our client on a time and materials basis.

 Our daily rates also vary according to a variety of factors including the complexity of the matters under investigation, the field of investigation, any special risks which may be associated, the likely duration and the timescale/urgency available to conduct the works. Costs will also be dependent on the number of investigators involved and whether, due to the nature of the enquiries, other specialists or sub-contractors may be required.