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Peace of Mind

Using Private Investigation firm Special Investigation Bureau Éire guarantees you a professional, confidential, nonsense free service. 

All matters dealt with are strictly confidential and will always remain so. It is in the nature of the profession that no two briefs are the same so each case will require specially tailored services.

Over the years, Private Investigator Liam A. Brady has become particularly well known in the fields of Electronic Counter Measures and Trade Mark/Intellectual Property enforcement.  The growth of the internet and the miniaturisation and reduction in the cost of monitoring/bugging equipment has meant that many firms have a legitimate basis for adopting an active policy to secure their information. 

Special Investigation Bureau Éire are also drone experts, offering a licensed drone pilot and drone defence expert. These services are an excellent addition to cases for tracking stolen goods and stopping unwanted drones from infringing on your privacy. 

We are also regularly involved in both Civil and Criminal Law cases, to assist in discovery of facts. In addition to services provided directly by this firm, we also team up with sectoral specialists.

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Electronic Counter Measures is the science of locating technical surveillance equipment.

The manufacture, sale and use of legal and illegal surveillance devices is a global multi-billion euro business. It has never been easier or cheaper for parties to use such devices to record intelligence or gather information. As a result, what was once a highly technical field that incurred high costs and risks has become commonplace. Electronic recording devices with video, audio and tracking (GPS) capabilities are easily sourced via the internet, with the basic starting from under €100 to low thousands for very sophisticated instruments capable of maintaining covert operations for months.


All Services Tailored Specifically

  • TSCM: Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.

  • Domestic and family consultants.

  • Security Consultancy: Advice on the selection and installation of security systems.

  • Personal Security: Protection; Threat avoidance techniques; personal protection measures; family security.

  • Risk Management: Assess threats; devise reduction strategy and mitigation measures; crisis and/or disaster recovery planning.

  • Surveillance: Video; audio; tracking and monitoring of individuals.

  • Computer Systems: Monitoring, backup and forensic analysis.

  • Mobile Phone and communication: Monitoring, usage and tracking.

  • Research: Asset Searches and accessing up-to-date databases and public records.

  • People: Locating hard-to-find individuals; runaways; missing persons. 

  • Claims: Insurance Investigations; fraudulent claims.

  • On the scene: Witness interviews, taking of statements.

  • Stolen Goods: Location and recovery of missing property.

  • Cold Case: Matters no longer within the remit of Civil Authorities.

  • Damage: Fire/accidental destruction of property.

  • Personal: Investigation of crime; injustice or threat against person including risk avoidance and protection.

  • Film and Media Forensic/ Security Advisor 

Spyware Technology

Liam A Brady uses the following state of the art electronic equipment, Spectrum Analysis Non Linear Junction Detector Thermal Imaging Radio Frequency/GSM Illicit Software (detection and prevention)

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